Ho Chi Minh city, 16 May 2012. IMT organized a cross cultural training workshop for its engineers and managers. The workshop was conducted by Strasol Vietnam.

Under the sponsorship of Denmark Embassy to Vietnam and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), a cross cultural training workshop was conducted for IMT employees at Saigon Park Royal hotel on 16 May 2012. The workshop was lead by Mr. Soeren Juelsbak, MBA, Director & Lead Consultant of Strasol Vietnam.
The workshop agenda was:
•    Introduction about Denmark
•    Culture, what is it and why it is important
•    Hofstede’s National Culture Dimensions
•    How to bridge cultural gap?
We were divided into 5 groups and discussed about several topics. One of the interesting topic was what are the top 5 challenges working with other culture. After a long group discussion we found out that social knowledge, language, culture, hidden meaning and feedback are the most challenging factor when working cross-cultural.
At the end of the workshop we discussed what would be ‘Golden Rules’ for Cross-Cultural Communication, and we found our golden rules as below:
•    Make (things) clear from start.
•    Open mind (& open communication.
•    Straightforwardness (no/less hidden meaning).
•    Involve decision-maker(s).
•    A lot of communication (better than little/no communication).
•    Strive for excellence.
•    Understanding (beforehand) Culture & habits.
•    Willingness (be willing).
•    Acquire (beforehand) local knowledge.
•    Communicate explicitly.
The workshop was a huge success. It gave our employees the good tools to work more effectively in the cross-cultural working environment. We look forward to meeting Soeren again in our follow-up session in the next few months.

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