Company visit tour of ISC Quang Trung students to IMT Solutions, a leading software outsourcing and digital transformation services provider in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Recently, IMT Solutions has partnered with ISC Quang Trung to organize a successful excursion for their student at IMT's head office. This activity is located in the chain of the Company Tour- the program of visiting, enterprise experience at the company. To shorten the distance between theory and practice, creating conditions for students to update their knowledge and understand the future working environment.

Opening the talk, Mr. Tuan Ngo - Director had an introduction about IMT Solutions and its software outsourcing and digital transformation services. In addition, he also talks about the development trend of the current information technology, helping the students can apprehend the right career choice and take advantage of future career opportunities.

After the sharing, the students were guided to visit the departments in the company to understand the roles, functions as well as the structure of a company.

At the end of the excursion, many ISC Quang Trung 's students expressed their desire to try and work at IMT Solutions in the near future.

With the desire to build sustainable links between businesses and schools, that helps improve the quality of human resources and gives students more chances of a career. Certainly, IMT Solutions will continue to connect with other schools in the future to organize the more useful excursion.



Recently IMT has launched the new service suite to help the clients in digital transformation. The visit will help students to understand which skills are required in the digital area.