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Industry News



Selenium Conference, Portland, USA, September 8-10 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

The Selenium Conference is an event for software testing professionals discussing the Selenium open source testing tool. It brings together Selenium developers and enthusiasts from around the world to share ideas, socialize and work together on advancing the present and future of Selenium.

Seapine Software Releases New Version of Its ALM Solution –

Seapine Software  announced a new release of TestTrack. Version 2015.1 includes new dashboards and widgets that greatly increase data visibility, an improved SDK with support for JSON filter queries, 64-bit native client apps, and much more.

Apiary Expands API Development Platform With API Testing for Continuous Integration –

Apiary, the company that makes application programming interface (API) development simple and collaborative, has unveiled a new API testing service, a part of its API development platform, that enables developers to continuously verify local code changes alongside production implementation. The new testing service is the first of its kind to provide a single destination for continuous API testing in the development process, eliminating the manual creation of verification tests and reducing the time and resources spent managing external testing applications.


Testing Best Practices



New tester: stop worrying these things… and you will be fine –

Software testing is challenging and it’s even more challenging for new testers.Regardless of how much effort you spent on researching software testing, improving yourself and trying hard to do better testing, you still don’t feel that you are making any progress or worse you are not sure if testing is the right one for you.

Test Automation in the Agile World –

After decades of talking about test automation, the agile movement suddenly seems to be taking it seriously. You might be wondering what all the buzz is about. Sanjay Zalavadia talks about why test tooling is suddenly so critical, when teams should think of automating, and how to bring the change so that your team will embrace it.

The Power of Continuous Performance Testing –

Continuous performance testing gives your development teams a fighting chance against hard-to-diagnose performance and load-handling bugs, as well as quickly identifying major functional bugs. Due to its combination of flexibility, coverage, and effectiveness, performance tests are powerful candidates for continuous testing.

Getting Started with FitNesse – a Collaboration Tool for Testers and Developers – Software Testing Help

Agile test team can use FitNesse to prepare test suits that will test the methods in the code. FitNesse is analogous to Junit in a way that it also tests the methods, but it’s different than Junit because the tests are in the form of simple tables which can be used by both developers and non-developers.

How to Test an Application without Requirements? – Software Testing Help

All software has requirements and is targeted at a particular task; specifically it is a solution to a problem. So requirement-less software isn’t a possibility. However, software without documented requirements is a reality that unfortunately most of us face more often that we like. The only thing worse could be that, the documentation is insufficient, inaccurate or terribly outdated. Sadly, this happens too.

Why End to End Testing is Necessary and How to Perform It? – Software Testing Help

In this article, we will learn what is End to End Testing, how it’s done, why it’s necessary, what are the matrices used, how to create end to end specific test cases and some few other important aspects also. We will also learn about System testing and compare it with End to End testing.

Bad Requirements – A Software Tester’s Nightmare! – Testing Excellence

The real world is never an “ideal” place, and the same applies to so many assignments that one might work on. Numerous times in the past, as a quality professional I have been caught up in testing projects that are “not so ideal” and lack the basic documents and governance. The worst form being the one’s that either “lack” documented requirements or have some “loosely written” documents. Working on such projects literally gives me jitters and at times even sleepless nights.

Saas App Testing – Major Challenges & How to Overcome Them? – Testing Excellence

SaaS applications are used currently by millions of corporate clients all over the world and so the SaaS app developers consider it necessary to test them before finally making them available to the users. Saas testing focuses on delivering high standards of the apps. Major aspects of a successful Saas app testing are implementing the right strategy, automation & best practices.

I Don’t Want to Talk about Bugs: Let’s Change the Conversation: An Interview with Janet Gregory –

In this interview, Janet Gregory discusses changing the testing conversation from bugs to solutions, why testers need to focus on the actual business, and simple methods that teams can employ right now to measure value and to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

Exploratory Testing with Testnote – Software Testing Magazine is a free hosted application that provides simple note taking assistance for exploratory testing. You can record the actions, questions, ideas and bugs that arise during your software testing explorations and export them in different formats.

Unselfish Unit Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Unit Testing has moved from fringe to mainstream, which is great. Unfortunately, developers are creating mountains of unmaintainable tests as a side effect. Jay Fields has been fighting the maintenance battle pretty aggressively for years, and this talk captures what he believes is the most effective way to test.