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SOASTA Supports Testing on Any Apple Device Running iOS 8 From Day One – Professional Tester

SOASTA, the leader in cloud and mobile testing and real user monitoring, announced mobile app testing support on all off-the-shelf Apple devices running iOS 8 the same day as Apple iOS 8 is commercially available. This includes the larger new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. SOASTA takes an in-app approach to testing with TouchTest, which is architected to support every new iOS release with no delay for developers.

HP Launches Cloud-Based Load Testing – Software Testing Magazine

HP has expanded its software testing suite with StormRunner Load, a new software solution focused on helping Agile development teams accelerate application quality and delivery via a simple, intuitive and scalable cloud-based platform.

Tricentis Partner with Applause – Software Testing Magazine

Tricentis and Applause have announced an agreement to provide enterprise customers with complete web and mobile functional testing solutions. Tricentis Tosca Testsuite provides companies with testing efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the highest automation rates of any functional testing product. Applause offers the world’s only in-the-wild testing services that draw on the expertise of 150,000 professional testers worldwide.

Software Testing Events Fall 2014 Preview – uTest

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, fall is officially here, and that means the folks at Applause and uTest will be diving head first into our fall eBusiness Communication Duplicate modelvent lineup. To that end, we wanted to share with you some of the awesome events at which we will be in attendance.


Testing Best Practices



How We Eliminated the Gatekeeper of Quality –

A key challenge across all my projects as a Quality Analyst (QA) has been getting the entire team to have an active stake in the application’s quality. On the last project I worked on, an application for the Sales team, we hit all the right notes as far as collaborating on quality goes. It made a huge difference to our test coverage, team morale and most importantly - the app’s quality. Here are a few takeaways that helped us reach our testing sweet spot.

4 Steps Towards Developing the Agile Testing Mindset for Successful Transition to Agile Process – Software Testing Help

Agile development and testing is not a methodology – it’s a mindset. According to a VersionOne survey, 88 percent of businesses are practicing agile development, but many are struggling with the transformation, with failures generally attributed to “culture and resistance to change.”

Web Testing: Complete guide on testing web applications – Software Testing Help

Here we will see some details on web application testing with web testing test cases. Let me tell you one thing that I always like to share practical knowledge, which can be useful to users in their career life. This is a quite long article so sit back and get relaxed to get most out of it.

Is centralized testing key to enterprise software testing? – Search Software Quality

Is there a place for a centralized test team in enterprise software testing at a company that has adopted Agile methodologies? Read Agile expert Matt Heusser's answer.

Software test management: Know which rules to follow, which to break – Search Software Quality

Software test management advice is often just plain wrong. Expert Johanna Rothman explains which rules to break -- and what to focus on instead.

Quality is a Team Sport – Software Testing Magazine

In theory everyone on an Agile team is responsible for software testing, but in practice this is rarely the case. Learn how to make quality a team sport in Scrum teams.