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RadView Launches Load Testing Web Dashboard – Software Testing Magazine

RadView Software has launched WebLOAD 10.2, featuring a Web dashboard for improved performance test results analysis. The new Web Dashboard enables analyzing performance test results from any web browser or mobile device.

LDRA Launches New Software Verification for VxWorks 7 Platform – Software Testing Magazine

LDRA has fully integrated the LDRA tool suite with the next generation Wind River VxWorks 7 real-time operating system (RTOS) to achieve full compliance with industry safety- and security-critical standards. The reduced overhead and comprehensive support of the LDRA tool suite for a wide range of target architectures, regardless of their respective footprints, ensures that VxWorks-based systems can be built and verified faster and at lower cost.

The 10 Hottest Devices for Mobile App Testing (This Holiday Season) – uTest

Testers within our community often want to know on which devices they should be testing. Concurrently, developers also want to know where their babies should be given the most love. Based on customer and tester data from our platform, here are the 10 most popular mobile devices on which Applause customers’ apps were tested in the past 90 days.

New uTest Platform Features Focus on Efficiency and Performance – uTest

The uTest Community is a great social network to connect to other testers, but at the same time a great place for professional testers to earn additional income. Given that we have many testers and Test Team Leads working for uTest full-time, we want to provide better insight into their earnings — vital for any freelancer.

Testbirds Joins Forces with Perfecto Mobile

Testbirds, the leading crowdtesting pioneer in Europe, and Perfecto Mobile, the world’s leader in mobile application quality, has announced a partnership that combines their extensive testing expertise to further increase mobile application quality.

CircleCI Supports iOS and Android

CircleCI, a providesr of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools, has announced general support for testing Android and iOS apps. CircleCI provides a new way to build and test applications while significantly reducing the time and expense typically associated with these core functions.


Testing Best Practices



Testers: Challenge Yourself Just Barely Above Your Current Skill Level – uTest

This article is about a new testing acronym: CMJBMCSL. Read along to see what it means.

How to Test Oracle Database – Software Testing Help

Oracle Database Testing – This shall be one of the 3 parts of Oracle Database testing series. We will cover following 3 parts in this database testing series:

#1) Introduction to Oracle Database Testing

#2) Testing the database with respect to Memory, Space and CPU processing

#3) Real Database Application Testing

Systematic Ways of Testing Oracle Database for Memory, Space and CPU Processing – Software Testing Help

In this post we shall discuss more on systematic ways of testing the database with respect to Memory, Space and CPU processing. In next and the final part of the series, we shall continue our focus on testing with Oracle Real Application Testing

Oracle Real Application Testing – Solution to Test Oracle DB Before Moving to Production – Software Testing Help

Today we will learn Oracle Real Application Testing – an effective change assurance system that assess the system change in test environment itself before introducing it to production. This is the leading solution by Oracle to capture the real production environment DB workload and replace it on test environment.

App Quality Alliance compiles mobile testing criteria – Search Software Quality talks to Martin Wrigley of the App Quality Alliance about smart practices and testing criteria for mobile app developers.

Alpha Anywhere brings mobile applications offline – Search Software Quality

See what distinguishes Alpha Anywhere, a platform that allows developers to quickly create prototypes of potential new applications.

Using Business Decisions to Drive Your Testing Coverage –

In a business setting, software testers have a great challenge: to articulate how they support the business lines. One way to approach this is by addressing the business decisions—and there are plenty around. Use them to drive your testing activities and increase the business decisions being covered by testing.

When Looking for Bugs, Look beyond the Software –

A tester's job is to provide information about elements of the system that might make a user unhappy. But Jon Hagar finds that many testers implement limited tours, even when they have robust programs. He writes that when looking for bugs, testers need to look beyond the software to the system and the user scenarios, too.