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Industry News



BugBuster Announces New Code-free Test Editor – Bug Buster

BugBuster has introduced a new version of it Test Recorder that generates now your test scenarios 100% code-free. The recorded scenario is then available for editing in the brand new inline Test Editor that allows to modify its content right in the browser.

Appvance Has Unveiled a New Version of Appvance PerformanceCloud

Appvance unveiled a new version of it Appvance PerformanceCloud performance testing platform. Appvance PerformanceCloud V2.0 is designed to help dev, QA and DevOps organizations to truly leverage cloud computing, agile methodologies and Continuous Integration to run realistic functional, performance, and load tests and triage application issues in least possible time.

State of Testing Survey 2015 Opening for Participation – uTest

Once again, the team at PractiTest is launching its State of Testing Survey for 2015, bringing together stories and pain points from the testing community around the world.


Testing Best Practices



Hudson – Importance and Benefits of this Continuous Integration Tool – Software Testing Help

Continuous Integration can be performed automatically. Hudson is one of the popularly known tools to perform Continuous Integration. Hudson is a Java based open source Continuous Integration tool. Like any other Continuous Integration tool, Hudson provides the teams to trigger builds and tests with any change in the Source Control Management System.

How to Speed up Test Execution Using Selenium Grid – Software Testing Help

It is advisable to use Selenium Grid when you have to perform multi browser testing and you have large number of test cases. In this module we covered how to setup Grid hub and nodes along with how to run Grid test cases using testng.xml and json file.

Three Reasons Testers Should Test for Opportunities…and Not Bugs – uTest

Often, organizations do not know our true potential and the value we can bring. If people at the top think about us as a bunch of people who test and find defects, we might not get the right recognition and responsibilities. However, if we promote ourselves as a group of people who hunt for opportunities to ensure that businesses remain in business, they will have a very different opinion.

The Ethics of a Testing Job Interview –

When conducting a testing job interview, of course you want to ask questions to be sure the candidate has the skills necessary for the position. But what sorts of questions go too far? Is it ethical to ask a candidate to solve an actual problem your company is experiencing—even if you don't end up hiring him? This article explores some moral gray areas.

Using Personas in Software Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Personas are fictional archetypes based on the real world that represent a group of users who have common goals. This is a concept that is often used in product and software development. In this blog post, Katrina Clokie expand the concept of personas to the software testing domain.

Unit Testing Java Concurrent Code – Software Testing Magazine

Concurrency has become an increasingly important topic in the Java space. Nevertheless, most Java developers do not address concurrency in their unit tests. This talk shows how to and how not to test concurrent code and introduces Thread Weaver, a library for testing concurrent code.

Agile Risk based Testing – Go Test it

A presentation on Agile risk based Testing from RBCS.