This newsletter highlights: • The testing conferences in September. • The latest news and headlines of software testing industry during the last week. • Software testing knowledge and best practices shared by the industry experts.


Industry News



Let’s Test Oz, Leura. Australia, September 15-17 2014 – Let’s Test

Let’s Test Oz is a three-day software testing conference that takes place in Australia and features a list of international and Australasian speakers. In the program you will find workshops, keynotes, tutorials and sessions.

User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT), Munich, Germany, September 16-18 2014 – UCAAT

The international ETSI User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) is a software testing conference dedicated to advanced test automation. Jointly organized by ETSI Technical Committee “Methods for Testing and Specification” (TC MTS) and QualityMinds, a software testing company, the conference introduces the latest innovations made in test automation.

Borland Updates Silk Testing Tools Portfolio – Software Testing Magazine

Borland, a Micro Focus company, has announced updates to the Borland Silk Portfolio – a comprehensive set of quality and performance software testing tools for desktop, web, cloud and mobile – which includes cloud-based load testing for internal applications.

Web Performance QA and Load Tester 6.3 Released – Software Testing Magazine

Web Performance has released version 6.3 of its QA and Load Tester product. Web Performance is on a new development schedule. Instead of holding back new features for months and only putting out new releases a couple of times a year, it is trying out monthly releases, getting the new stuff and bug fixes to the customer as quickly as possible. This fits in nicely with the new monthly subscription model for Web Performance QA Tester™, where the small monthly fee covers not just support but new features month after month.

Vector Software Announces Integration with PTC Integrity™ – PRWeb

Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, announced today that the VectorCAST™ software test environment now offers an integration with the PTC Integrity™ application lifecycle management (ALM) platform. As a result, software developers can easily integrate the VectorCAST test results of their embedded software applications into one seamless environment that manages the end-to-end processes of development.


Testing Best Practices



Removing the Word “Test” from Test Automation –

It's not uncommon for organizations to use automation on a few projects and then realize automation is a lot of work. They want to get more out of the automation tool investment but with less development cost. By removing the word test from test automation, you liberate yourself to use the automation tool set in new and innovative ways.

Is Non-functional Testing Always Carried out without Documentation and Test Cases? Why? – Software Testing Help

We are always taught how to write functional test cases. Why is that? Is ‘non-functional testing’ carried out without documentation (in other words, on an ad-hoc basis) or is that a separate process that is much more difficult to understand? How are test cases written for different kinds of testing that happens on the application?

Understanding the requirements process vs. requirements management – Search Software Quality

Requirements management and the requirements process are sometimes used to mean the same thing, but customers should be aware that there are differences, and that tools often do not perform all of the tasks in the requirements process.

Can software testing services like uTest handle security? – Search Software Quality

Companies without security expertise in-house may consider outsourcing security testing. Security expert Kevin Beaver suggests this is the wrong path.

Imagine an Ocean Between You: Tips for Better Testing –

Is the best way to interact with your team in person, with your teammates right next to you? Not necessarily. By working online with remote programmers and testers, people tend to approach problems from some unique perspectives. Read on to learn how imagining an ocean between you and your teammates can actually improve your communication and process.