This newsletter highlights: • The testing conferences in February 2015. • The latest news and headlines of software testing industry during the last week. • Software testing knowledge and best practices shared by the industry experts.


Industry News



CITCON Asia, Hong Kong, February 6-7 2015 –

CITCON (Continuous Integration and Testing Conference) is a series of conferences that brings together software developers and software testers to discuss continuous integration software testing. CITCON Asia takes place this year in Hong Kong.

QA or the Highway, Columbus, USA, February 17 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

QA or the Highway is a one-day regional conference that focuses on software testing and software quality. It takes place every year in Columbus, Ohio.

Selenium WebDriver Now Supported by SmartBear – Software Testing Magazine

SmartBear Software has announced its supports for Selenium WebDriver, an open source automation tool with one of the largest user communities in the software development world. New versions of SmartBear’s TestComplete and QAComplete now integrate with Selenium WebDriver, allowing teams to get more value from their Selenium tests and deliver Web applications with higher quality and faster time to market.

QualiTest Group Shows Appreciation to Veterans through Offer of Training and Employment Professional Tester

QualiTest Group announced today its intentions to commence the recruiting, training, and subsequent hiring of U.S. Veterans. In the hope of assisting veterans to find a satisfying career that makes use of their unique experiences, QualiTest will offer Software Testing Education Programs.

Appvance PerformanceCloud 2 Drives Performance Testing to New Heights –

Appvance has released Appvance PerformanceCloud 2 (APC2), the next generation of its groundbreaking, flagship testing platform. APC2 now has the broadest and deepest testing capability of any product available and is the only platform on the market today to offer true rapid beginning-to-end performance testing.

Seapine Software Launches TestTrack 2015 Featuring Interactive Task Boards –

Seapine Software has launched TestTrack 2015, the latest release of its core product development management solution. Interactive task boards, which enable real-time project visibility, take center stage in this release.

A Tester and Developer Guide to Android Lollipop – uTest

If you’re an Android user with a recent phone, chances are you’ve already played around with some of the cool features of Android 5.0, officially dubbed ‘Lollipop.’ If not, don’t worry, Galaxy S5 and other phone users, your time will be coming soon.But as a tester or developer, there’s not much out there on what those changes mean for you, so we’ve compiled some new resources from uTest University and our friends at ARC not only about the fancy, shiny new things available with the new version of Android, but specifically what testers and devs need to know.


Testing Best Practices



Becoming a QA Leftie - Team Quality Indicator? –

During delivery of a product, there are times when I check the board and think "Ok, all is in hand with the stories in play. Great, I can start to focus more to the left". By 'left', I mean the Analysis area of the story wall, the right-hand side traditionally being Development and Done.

What is Negative Testing and How to Write Negative Test Cases? – Software Testing Help

Designing precise and powerful negative test scenarios requires creativity, foresight, skill and intelligence of the tester. Most of these skills can be acquired with experience, so hang in there and keep assessing your full potential time and again!

What is Integration Testing and How It is Performed? – Software Testing Help

We have studied about various Software developments lifecycle models. All the SDLC models have Integration testing as one of the layers. In my opinion, Integration testing is actually a “level” of testing rather than a “Type” of testing.Many a time we feel that Integration testing involves writing code snippets to test the integrated modules, so it is basically a white box testing technique. This is not fully wrong, but I feel the concept of Integration testing can be applied in Black box technique too.

When You Should Choose Manual vs. Automated Testing – uTest

QA analysts and IT firms are often confronted with the same question when testing a software project — whether to go with manual software testing options or to try out new automated techniques.In certain situations, there are clear advantages to working with automated software testing solutions, and other times the automated software technology is too leading-edge and could wind up costing you way more than it’s worth. That’s why it’s essential to weigh the costs and benefits according to each project.

The Relationship between Risk and Continuous Testing: An Interview with Wayne Ariola –

In this interview, Wayne Ariola talks about the relationship between risks and continuous testing, misperceptions of continuous testing, who should be interested in it, how we are all in a new era of testing, and why it's the best time in the history of software to be a tester.

Agile Transition and Managing the Testing Process: An Interview with Samir Shah –

In this interview, Zephyr founder and CEO, Samir Shah, discusses how to make the agile transition as either a big or small company. He also digs into the changing nature of test management, as well as the times when you really need to automate your testing.

Testing in the Agile Age: An Interview with Alon Girmonsky –

In this interview, BlazeMeter founder and CEO, Alon Girmonsky, digs into why modern businesses must adopt agile methodologies. He talks about the advantages agile has over waterfall as well as how shorter iteration windows within the testing process affect manual hand-offs.