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ChinaTest, Beijing, China. 27-30 July 2014 – Software Testing Magazine

ChinaTest is a four-day conference about software testing that will take place in Beijing. It is part of the TiD Conference that integrates resources and forces of SPIChina, ChinaTest and AgileChina. Agile China will start with two days of tutorials followed by two days of sessions both in Chinese and English.

New SoapUI Pro Adds Plug-in Framework – Software Testing Magazine

SmartBear Software has announced a new version of SoapUI Pro that includes a new plug-in framework that allows users to create, browse and install plug-ins for SoapUI Pro’s API testing functionality.

Why Developers Won’t Necessarily Make the Best Testers – uTest

Both development and testing roles are unique, have separate skill requirements, and a special way of thinking to get the job done right. There is an overlap in understanding, though, and they both have the same goal – to release quality software projects that make their users happy.  But, can developers be good testers?

Ranorex 5.1 Adds Android Mobile Web Testing – Software Testing Magazine

The Ranorex 5.1 release of the Ranorex software testing tool extends the mobile web testing capabilities with Android web testing. This enables not only cross platform web test automation, but also increases object recognition for hybrid apps.


Testing Best Practices



Why Software Testing Needs Revolution? – Software Testing Help

Like every technology, software testing is also growing. As we see, nowadays, technology is evolving fast, there is a question to ask ourselves – as a tester are we growing? (Do not misunderstand this question as growing by learning 5-6 automation tools).After spending almost a decade in the industry and observing number of projects and technologies, I would like to claim that this is the right time for software testing to be revolutionized.

How Test Planning has Upper Hand than Test Execution Phase? – Software Testing Help

Software test planning reserves far better scope comparatively in STLC phase. The delivery of quality software is ensured by the testing phase. What has to be done in testing is actually decided in the test planning phase.

Software test management: Know which rules to follow, which to break – Search Software Quality

It happens all the time. Skilled testers move up the ranks to software test management. But when they get there, they don't know what to do. So, absent formal training, they turn to a set of vague and outdated test management rules, which includes things like the following:

  • Strive for "100% utilization"
  • Use experts for each facet of the project
  • Plan for overtime to meet release dates


Expert advice on test case management and reporting – Search Software Quality

A manager's job is to track metrics, measure execution and create all sorts of charts and graphs to show progress. If they want you to track the number of test cases you have in your test suite against the number you've executed -- do just that. If you're using a test management tool, there are canned reports that can give you this information with a little setup involved. You can also create a custom report and really impress them.

GUI testing in the M2M world – Search Software Quality

The important thing is that testers recognize that mobile and embedded testing requires more than testing to requirements, and more than GUI testing. It means understanding the risks that the devices and their software pose to safety, mission and overall successful operation of the application and device in general, and devising testing strategies that successfully address those risks.