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Industry News



STPCon Announces Spring 2015 Show Dates and Workshop Schedule – uTest

The Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon) recently announced that their Spring 2015 show will take place from March 30 to April 2 in San Diego, California, and also unveiled a taste of the two days of workshops being offered at the conference.

Inflectra Releases New Load Testing Plugin for NeoLoad – Software Testing Magazine

Inflectra is pleased to announce the release of an updated plugin for SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and RemoteLaunch that integrates with NeoLoad from Neotys and provides enhanced load testing integration and SLA reporting.

SOASTA Adds User Monitoring to its CloudTest Solution –

SOASTA  has combined its two leading testing and monitoring products into a single solution for continuous performance analysis for mobile and Web applications. SOASTA CloudTest now incorporates mPulse, the company’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution, which integrates complete performance data from real users to ensure continuous peak performance of digital businesses.

Meliora Testlab Test Management Tool Review – Software Testing Help

The Meliora Testlab tool that we are going to review today is, as they say, either a test management tool or an application lifecycle management tool that is designed to combat those problems. The core in Meliora’s product is managing the testing. To support testing it has also requirements management module, issue management module and team collaboration features.


Testing Best Practices



Apache ANT – a Tool for Automating Software Build Processes and its Importance in Testing – Software Testing Help

Apache Ant is a very popular and conventional build tool of our times. Ant is an open source java based build tool provided by Apache Software Foundation freely distributed under GNU license. Apache Ant plays a significant role in developer’s as well as Tester’s day to day work schedule. The tool has immense power to build the development code into deployment utilities.

Use of Maven Build Automation Tool and Maven Project Setup for Selenium – Software Testing Help

Maven is used to manage the dependencies. For example if you are using selenium version 2.35 and any later point of time you have to use some other version, then same can be managed easily by Maven. You will find more examples of this later in this chapter. It works very effectively when there is huge number of Jar files with different versions.

Know Yourself And Find Your Testing Profile – uTest

We live in a world of diversity. Everything around us exhibits multiple shapes, colors and textures. Looking at ourselves, we can see how different factors, ranging from genetics to environment, ultimately will determine who we will be. It is this very diversity, far from being a threat, that enriches us, allowing for opportunities in a market where specificity plays a major role.

Avoid Becoming a Lonely Cowboy Performance Tester –

In the Wild West movies, the cowboys do not typically have a lot of friends; they follow no rules but their own, and their way of settling an issue is by shooting each other. In the wild world of software performance testing, without the support from people around and above you, it will be impossible to get anything done. You don’t have to be a lonely cowboy.

Exploratory Testing with Bug Magnet – Software Testing Magazine

Bug Magnet is an open source Chrome extension that provides an easy access to common software testing problematic values and edge cases. You will be able to access them easily during exploratory testing sessions so that you can fill the tested fields with a chosen value. A Firefox equivalent has also been developed.

Strategies of Testing, Not Schools – Go Test it

A presentation on Strategies of Testing from RBCS.