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Selenium: 10 Years Later and Still Going Strong uTest

In the field of testing technologies, it isn’t very often that we see a tool survive and grow richer in over a decade. Just recently, Selenium completed 10 years, and this article takes a look at the ecosystem that Selenium has nurtured.

Testing Technologies Contributes to AUTOSAR with Automotive Test Competence – Professional Tester

Testing Technologies is pleased to announce their membership as development partner in the AUTOSAR consortium. This membership gives us the opportunity to help shape innovative vehicle applications together with manufacturers, suppliers and other companies operating in the electronics, semiconductor and software industry.

SOASTA Expands Leadership with Modern Enterprise Testing Capabilities – Professional Tester

STARWEST – Anaheim, CA – October 15, 2014. SOASTA, the leader in cloud and mobile testing and real user monitoring, today announced the latest release of its market-leading testing platform that includes new capabilities for mobile and web testing that remain unaddressed by legacy tools from Hewlett Packard (HP), IBM and Microsoft.

BlazeMeter Unveils Version 3.0 Unlimited Testing Platform

BlazeMeter, the leading load and performance testing as a self-service platform for mobile, web and APIs, today announced BlazeMeter version 3.0 at AWS re:Invent. The next-generation back-end automated testing framework facilitates continuous testing as part of the product delivery cycle. This allows users to run an unlimited number of tests with “zero time to test”, resulting in faster release time without compromising the software quality.


Testing Best Practices



Maintenance begins with Requirements and ends with Testing – Testing Excellence

People often seek new development projects, but maintenance can be both challenging and rewarding. Unfortunately, maintenance is often staffed with too few resources and few people feel responsibility for requirements management and testing. In this article, we will like to discuss why you should start considering maintenance work as the most important aspect of your company, and why good requirements management and testing are vital for cost-effective and high quality maintenance.

Are You Getting the Most Value Out of Automated Testing? – uTest

On paper, automated testing sounds like a potential solution to the many challenging demands that QA management has to contend with on a regular basis. Automated software testing promises to limit the number of runs that a QA team needs to manually execute during the production cycle. However, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops with automated testing; the tech is by no means a silver bullet for quality assurance concerns. But if managers are smart about how they incorporate these tools, they can take some of the burden off their test teams and create a more efficient production process.

Guiding principles for an automated software test – Search Software Quality

Test automation projects are among the most demanding that any QA organization takes on. Following the right set of guiding principles can increase the odds of success with this challenging undertaking.

FAQ: Automated software testing basics – Search Software Quality

Most QA pros believe automated software testing has value. But questions about which tests to automate, which ones should remain manual and what pitfalls to watch out for often stand in the way of getting started.

Using QA in Scrum From Day One – Software Testing Magazine

The increasing adoption of Agile project management frameworks like Scrum and short iteration schedule has a deep impact on the place of software testing and the activity of QA people. In this blog post, Chris Burns tries to answer the often-asked question: “what does QA do on the first day of a Scrum sprint?”

The Role of Tester in an Agile Environment –

There are many diverse ideas about what being a tester means in agile development environments. This leads to confusion between how agile testers “fit” into development teams and what their role is. John Stevenson explains why there appears to be some fear and a little distrust of agile among some testers, then offers suggestions for dealing with their confusion.

TDD in Tatters – Software Testing Magazine

Test-Driven Development (TDD) has been tattered, torn, twisted, stood on its head, and pounded into an pulp of techno-fetishism. TDD was a game-changer, but the focus in the interceding years has shifted from technique to tools and TDD has been devolving into a lost art.