This newsletter highlights: • The testing conferences in January 2015. • The latest news and headlines of software testing industry during the last week. • Software testing knowledge and best practices shared by the industry experts.


Industry News



Software Quality Days, January 20-23 2015, Vienna, Austria – Software Testing Magazine

The Software Quality Days is a four-day conference focused on quality in software development that takes place in Vienna. It aims to present and discuss the latest trends, best practice methods in quality management and ideas on improving methods and processes. Presentations are in German and in English.

Catch Software Releases Enterprise Tester 5 – Software Testing Magazine

Enterprise Tester is a test management software, which allows you to reuse test scripts. Enterprise Tester eliminates duplication through integration with requirements management and defect tracking tools. It offers full traceability from requirement definition and testing through to incident management.

Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP) Provides Continuous Testing–

Parasoft has announced today the release of Development Testing Platform (DTP) 5.1, which eliminates the business risk of faulty software by consistently applying software quality practices throughout the SDLC. The latest version of DTP further enables your software quality efforts to evolve from automated to continuous—delivering a platform for defect prevention and the uniform measurement of risk across projects and teams. With seamless integration into any software development environment, you can observe and collect data from systems in the SDLC infrastructure, including open source and third-party testing tools.

Only 4% of IT Professionals Have Discovered the Value of Crowd Testing and Freelance Testing – Professional Tester

QualiTest's crowd and freelancer testing survey focused on understanding an IT professional’s experience who has used crowdsourced testing and freelance testing platforms, as compared to the perceptions of those who were familiar with the concepts but never used them.


Testing Best Practices



Mobile Testing: How to Maintain Your Devices – Software Testing Magazine

Maintaining the devices that your company provides for testing mobile applications is mandatory for the success of your mobile development projects. It is as important as the human resources of the company. Since modern emulation tools and cloud services don’t assure high quality of mobile applications, all portable devices such as smartphones and tablets should be maintained properly. This article explains how you can extend their lifespan.

How is Cross Browser Testing Performed? – Software Testing Help

Everything about Cross browser testing – what, why, how, who, when, and where.Many times, I have encountered an issue with a website and on calling the technical support, they simply tell me to try it in another browser? When I do, it works and I end up feeling like a total idiot, even though I earn my living working in the software industry.

WebLOAD Review – Getting Started with WebLOAD Load Testing Tool – Software Testing Help

Today, we’ll be reviewing WebLOAD – a powerful yet easy to use Load testing tool. This is a quick review to evaluate the most important features and ease of use.WebLOAD is a load testing tool that’s been around for quite a few years. It’s currently at version 10.1, which is a good time to take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Tools for extracting system and performance information – Search Software Quality

Getting system and performance information from Android and iOS mobile devices can be difficult, but the process is made easier with these tools and tips.

Mobile load testing tools review: Appvance vs. HP StormRunner – Search Software Quality

Appvance PerformanceCloud and HP's StormRunner Load are two of the most advanced load testing tools on the market today. See how the two compare.

Getting Started with API Test Automation –

Automated tools that drive the browser have only limited application. They are often excellent at small tasks, but when the suite scales larger and larger, the time required to maintain the tests and framework grows while the returns shrink. Using a programming language lets you extend tests in ways that other UI-based tools can't and creates a maintainable test suite.

Accessibility Testing Tools: The Sometimes Unreliable Friends – uTest

When I started to do accessibility testing, I would rely too heavily on HTML validators to verify if a site is compliant. I would use the web developer toolbar, W3C validator, and would do some basic testing with a screen reader, not fully understanding the complexity of the needs of the end users.