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Industry News



Selenium Camp, Kiev, Ukraine, February 25-28 2015 –

The Selenium Camp conference if a four-day event focused on automated testing, more specifically web testing with Selenium and WebDriver. The conference provides participants with ability to gain new practical skills in addition to new ideas and theoretical knowledge from conference talks that will be in Russian and in English.

Cigniti Partners with Enov8 on Agile & DevOps Testing ServicesSoftware Testing Magazine

Cigniti Technologies, an independent software testing provider, and Enov8, a provider of DevTest Environment Management and Data management solutions, announced a partnership that allows Cigniti to strengthen Agile and DevOps testing services based on Enov8’s DevTest products and solutions.

Free Web Load Testing Services – Software Testing Magazine

The software development trend that shifts the target platform from the desktop to web, cloud and mobile applications has fostered the development of load testing services on the web. It is an obvious option to use web-based load testing tools for applications that can be accessed by web users. This article presents the free offers from commercial web load testing services providers.


Testing Best Practices



What is Perceptual Testing? –

Traditionally, user interfaces have been human-tested by comparing two graphic designs. After changes, more human checks need be performed (for correctness and errors). Such testing is time-consuming, not to mention unreliable, as human beings bring their own biases. However, human testing is not without value.

Why Functional and Performance Testing Should be Done Simultaneously? – Software Testing Help

This article explains the added benefits of the quality of the software product during various scenarios in the software testing life-cycle when both functional and non-functional are taken simultaneously.

What is Test Harness and How is it Applicable to us, Testers – Software Testing Help

“A test harness simply is to create the correct framework and use it (and all of its constituent elements) to control the entire activity as to get the most of the situation- whether automation or integration.”

Automate Your Way to Sanity: An Interview on Mobile with Josh Anderson –

In this interview, Josh Anderson of Dude Solutions discusses the automation of mobile development and testing efforts, the problematic aspects of an infantile mobile ecosystem, his podcast with co-host Bob Galen, and how a dusty TRS-80 changed his life.

Testing Economics –

Everything we do has an economic impact because what we do has costs and benefits. Testing is about getting real feedback quickly, reducing wasteful testing activities, and putting a mirror in front of our applications. It becomes advantageous to understand the costs of these activities and direct the effort investment where it’s most beneficial.

Testing Spring Java Applications – Software Testing Magazine

In this presentation, you will learn how to apply features such as the Spring MVC Test Framework, Spring profiles, and embedded databases, to automate and improve your test suite, thus improving the overall quality of your Java project. A simplistic Spring web app will be used to show some practical code examples.

Test Estimation – Go Test it

A presentation on Test Estimation from RBCS.