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Industry News



SQuAD Conference, Denver, USA, September 14-15 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

The SQuAD Conference is a two-day software testing and software quality conference organized by the Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD).The topic of the 2015 edition of the SQuAD Conference is “Testing At Internet Speed”. This will be discussed by many software testing experts like Mark Tomlinson, Jeff Borden, Lee Copeland, Theresa Lanowitz, Melissa Tondi, Lisa Crispin, Tricia Broderick, Erik Stensland, Mais Tawfik and more.

Sauce Labs Upgrades Jenkins Plugin – Software Testing Magazine

Sauce Labs, a cloud-based web and mobile application testing platform, has announced a significant upgrade to its Jenkins Sauce OnDemand plugin. The new enhancements are designed to improve utilization of the Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) system and provide support for more efficient application testing.

Perfecto Mobile Makes Appium Enterprise-Grade with New Extension –

Perfecto Mobile announced an extension of its Continuous Quality Lab to Appium, an open-source framework for automating native, hybrid and web mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. This new extension, Perfecto Mobile for Appium, will offer an enterprise-grade option for Appium users that provides real user conditions, stable and scalable automation, and real device test clouds for improved mobile quality.

Synopsys Releases Latest Version of Coverity Software Testing Platform –

Synopsys has announced the latest release of the Coverity Software Testing Platform, the company's integrated suite of testing solutions that enables organizations to find and fix critical quality and security issues earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Coverity 7.7 adds coverage for JavaScript and Objective-C and expands the company's security testing capabilities.

It’s Game Time - Testing Games for Mobile Devices – uTest

Gaming is a billion dollar industry with constant new efforts to capitalize on that. Gaming revolves around the consumers experience. The app store is filled with new games daily and it takes more than just addicting puzzles and complex levels to attain and keep users interested. It is crucial that the app performs as expected or users will be quick to uninstall, write a poor review, and download a new game.


Testing Best Practices



One Experience with Ubertesters, a Mobile Test Management Platform –

Many companies creating mobile apps struggle to find the time to test on a variety of devices, organize bug reports, and resolve issues efficiently. Andrew White’s organization tried Ubertesters, a platform that provides a team of mobile testers and a set of features for feedback. This is his account of how it affected their test process.

Want More Innovative Testing? Put on a Different Thinking Cap –

Testers commonly face challenges around one-dimensional thinking, limited ideas, and communication issues. Sometimes, all you need to break out of a comfort zone or come up with better approaches is a fresh perspective. Putting on a different “thinking cap” can help you innovate solutions in a whole new way.

Software Testing – Ask the Questions! – Testing Excellence

After almost 6 years of working in software quality assurance, if someone asks me what makes a good QA resource, I would probably sum it up in 1 line. For good testing practice the most important task is to ask the right questions, at the right time and to the right audience.

Test Automation Advantages and Disadvantages – Testing Excellence

Test Automation, when done correctly can have many advantages and be very beneficial to the project and organization. There are however some pitfalls or disadvantages of test automation that we need to be aware of.

STAREAST 2015 Interview with Scott Barber on Application Performance Testing –

In this interview, Scott Barber talks about his experience in the industry as well as his multiple STAREAST presentations. This covers application performance testing as a simplified approach and a product owner's perspective on testing. 

STAREAST 2015 Interview with Hans Buwalda on the Challenges of Big Testing –

In this interview, Hans Buwalda discusses his STAREAST presentations. These include "When Testers Feel Left Out in the Cold" and "The Challenges of BIG Testing: Automation, Virtualization, Outsourcing, and More." He also covers his experience at the conference.

Most Common Web Sites Bugs – Software Testing Magazine

QualiTest has recently produced a report and an infographic about the typology and sources of the most common bugs found in web sites. The company has used for this the bug summaries from hundreds of web site testing projects performed recently.

Testing Mobile Apps For Real Network Conditions – Software Testing Magazine

Mobile is no longer an option – more people are browsing, using mobile devices than desktops. Now that you have a mobile presence, how does it behave in extreme network conditions? (some of your customers will be on 2G, or at a conference) Learn techniques and tools to make sure your mobile experience is awesome at any speed.