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Industry News



Software Test Professionals Conference Fall 2014 –

Software Test Professionals association recognizes the value and importance of your role as a software test and quality leader to the organization you serve. Plan now to attend the Software Test Professionals Conference Fall 2014 (November 3-6 2014 - Denver, CO) packed with educational sessions that will not only help you advance your career but will also give you the tools you need to perform your daily responsibilities the most efficient and effective way possible.

QUEST 2014: News from the conference –

QUEST, the Quality Engineering and Software Testing Expo and Exhibition, is taking place in Baltimore. IT professionals and software development engineers who focus on software quality flock to this annual conference. This year's focus includes mobile testing, cloud security, application programming interfaces, requirements management and other testing innovations.

Parasoft and Skytap Provides Cloud-based Software Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Parasoft and Skytap have announced a joint offering that delivers cloud-based Development Testing. The joint solution featuring Parasoft Development Testing Platform (which includes Parasoft Static Analysis and Unit Testing) and Skytap Cloud provides on-demand access to multiple, concurrent test environments and continuous integration—allowing development and test teams to perform parallel unit testing and static analysis to automate and shorten their testing windows. Together, these technologies allow companies to yield greater throughput and increased velocity in order to become more agile and release software quicker.

TestPlant Releases eggMan and eggBox – Software Testing Magazine

TestPlant has announced the launch of two new tools for desktop and mobile test engineers. eggMan and eggBox extend the eggPlant range to include a manual testing tool and an appliance to create an instant testing lab, or testing centre of excellence.


Testing Best Practices



Why Do We Need Framework for Test Automation? – Software Testing Help

Automation is tricky- not just technically but also economically. It is best suited for areas where there is a substantial amount of tests that have to be repeated across multiple test cycles. And always, automation testing happens in addition to manual testing or complements it- but cannot, does not and should not replace it altogether.

Big Data: How to Test the Elephant? – Software Testing Magazine

Big Data is a big topic in software development today. When it comes to practice, software testers may not yet fully understand what is exactly Big Data. A tester knows that you need a plan for testing it. Since most Big Data lacks a traditional structure, how does Big Data quality look like? And what the are most appropriate software testing tools? This article tries to answer these questions.

Risk-Based Testing: Test Only What Matters –

In today’s era, the IT industry is running on “fast mode” and the majority of stakeholders are looking for quicker solutions. The project management office is always hurrying to ship products out of the door. While there is nothing wrong in doing things this way, it does become a challenge for test teams who have to accept the fast-mode schedule and promote the product to production.

Selenium Automated UX Compliance Testing – Software Testing Magazine

With Selenium and Jenkins, you can extend Selenium processes to include screenshot comparisons, enabling automatic UX compliance at the speed of your Continuous Integration workflow. Learn how to compare screenshots from one Jenkins run to a repository of known quality, in order to insure that not only does your website work well, it also looks well.