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Industry News



TenKod EZ TestApp Available on Amazon AWS Cloud – Software Testing Magazine

TenKod has announced that their flagship product EZ TestApp is now fully compatible with Amazon AWS Cloud. This will allow developers and testers to use Amazon Cloud Virtual Machines for developing, executing, reporting and analyzing mobile applications.

Rapise Test Automation Tool v2.2 Released – Software Testing Magazine

Inflectra is pleased to announce the release v2.2 of the Rapise test automation system. The latest version fixes some issues identified when recording using Firefox and optimizes playback support using Chrome and Firefox. It also includes support for CSS-based locators.


Testing Best Practices



Test, Transform and Refactor – Software Testing Magazine

Let’s have a close look into the Red-Green-Refactor cycle and understand the subtleties of each step. When we go down the rabbit hole of Test Driven Design (TDD), we sometimes take too big steps leading us to many failed tests we just can bring back to green without writing a lot of code. We need to take a step back and take the shrinking potion of baby steps again.

Stop Writing Code You Can’t Yet Test – Leading Agile

Most of the organizations we engage with have more work to do than they can possibly get done. So, developers are writing code as fast as they can to get done trying to maximize their capacity. Typically, we see developers running way ahead of testing. Often, testing is still working on the prior release while development is running off on the next release – and testing just can’t ever catch up.

5 Things a Beginner Developer (and Tester) Should Know About Software Testing – Software Testing Help

Tester is not to test a module / product only, he is there to help in delivering best product, he is there to help by suggesting some proven ideas about users’ expectations, he is there to let you know that how frequently your beloved code gets crashed……and you, as a developer, really need it, aren’t you?

Why Are Testers Uninterested in Upgrading Their Skill Sets? – uTest

Many testers mention that they would like to learn more about their profession, but often have a reason for never following through. uTester Alex Siminiuc examines the tester mindset of disinterest in upgrading skillsets, and asks whether testers are the IT people least interested in learning new things.

Reviewing test tools in the mobile app market – Search Software Quality

Every time a major mobile OS is upgraded, there are a few more grey hairs on the heads of the application testers. It's hardly surprising. The pressure to develop applications faster than ever before -- with new code sometimes being released every night -- has made the need to test mission-critical and the mobile app market take off.

Roundup of mobile emulator tools – Search Software Quality

When testing mobile devices, buying one of everything would be cost-prohibitive. Even with limiting testing to a select few devices, the team likely does not want to test on the actual devices all the time. So we can learn about a few favorite mobile emulator tools that can ease software testing pain points.