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Industry News



CopenhagenContext, Copenhagen, Denmark, February 26-27 2015 – Software Testing Magazine

CopenhagenContext is a three-day conference taking place in Copenhagen and focused on software testing, more precisely on Context-Driven Testing but the topics presented are not limited to this area of testing. The first and the last day are dedicated to full-day workshops.

Top Technical Content from Insights 2014 –

With the New Year approaching, the Insights editorial team is thrilled to announce the top technical content from 2014 as well as editor's choices from our Technology, Software Testing and Continuous Delivery channels.

Which Testing Skills Will Get You Hired in 2015? – uTest

As the mobile app development and testing environment continues to grow, the amount of apps being developed has overtaken standard web usage, creating a huge need for mobile application testers. In 2015, the job market prospects for testers look very promising.


Testing Best Practices



Being a Better Test Leader or Test Manager – Software Testing Magazine

It is not always easy to have management responsibilities in software development when you come from a technical position. This is also true in software testing. In this article, Mark Garzone shares some tips on how to be a better test leader or test manager.

How to Test and Validate Your Database Backup and Recovery? – Software Testing Help

In this article we shall discuss about verifying and testing your database backups. We will be explaining concepts such as what, why and how about Database backups and methods to test the backup.

Why Testers’ Bug Reports May Be Costing Them – uTest

The reporting phase of the software testing process is one of the most important aspects of quality assurance and testing. Identifying critical bugs, defects and performance issues will not provide much value to the development team if there isn’t sufficient documentation outlining what the flaw is and how it can be reproduced. By taking a lax approach to reporting, QA teams will hinder their own testing efforts, costing the organization time and money.

Just Enough Test Documentation –

Many options are available for test teams to help them document how a system should work. A test strategy, test plan, test charter, test cases, test scenarios, and automation scripts are examples. This article has a matrix comparing the types of test documents you might choose and can help you pick which is right for you based on project characteristics.

Why Exploratory Testing is Important in Agile Projects – Testing Excellence

Exploratory Testing is an important activity in an agile environment as it can help software testers to keep up with the rapid development pace of agile software projects.

How Spotify Test in Continuous Deployment – Software Testing Magazine

Model-based testing has played a key factor at Spotify as a part of the automated end-user acceptance testing. The talk presents how Spotify built the Continuous Deployment pipeline for its web player, and changed the way manual testing was performed. Also, the tools involved which mostly are open source (Gerrit, Selenium, GraphWalker) will be discussed.