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TenKod Launches New Solution For Mobile Testing – Software Testing Magazine

Featuring ingenious technology, TenKod EZ TestApp offers clients a cost effective yet efficient solution within the world of mobile applications testing. Generated test projects boast compatibility with all leading Continuous Integration (CI) systems such as Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo and JetBrains TeamCity and do not require device jail breaking, rooting and application instrumentation.

QASymphony Announces Integration with Rally Software – Professional Tester

QASymphony, leading provider of Agile testing solutions, announced a partnership with Rally Software (NYSE: RALY), a leading global provider of enterprise-class software and services solutions to drive business agility. QASymphony’s qTest test case management tool now fully integrates with Rally’s Agile Platform for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Neotys Launches NeoSense: Synthetic Monitoring for Application Performance and Availability – Professional Tester

NeoSense, now available with a 30-day Free Trial version, leverages the proven test design capabilities of Neotys’ load and performance testing tool, NeoLoad, to quickly create realistic monitoring profiles even for complex business apps and the latest technologies. NeoSense generates synthetic users in production and actively monitors the performance and availability of critical business transactions within recorded user paths to detect and automatically alert you of any issues before they become problems for real users.

Google Test Automation Conference: Video From Days 1 & 2 – uTest

The Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) is an annual test automation conference hosted by Google, bringing together engineers to discuss advances in test automation and the test engineering computer science field.


Testing Best Practices



50 Most Popularly Asked Selenium Interview Questions and Answers – Software Testing Help

In this tutorial, we have listed the 50 most popularly asked Selenium interview questions including Selenium WebDriver interview questions.

Test automation: When, how and how much – Search Software Quality

Test automation has often been touted as an important part of an organization's quality strategy. However, it's not a silver bullet. In this tip, consultant David Johnson describes important considerations in determining when to invest in test automation, how to implement the program and how much of your application space should be automated.

Five mobile testing tools for developers to consider – Search Software Quality

This review of five mobile testing tools, Appium, Selendroid, ios-driver, Sauce Labs and Perfecto Mobile, will kick-start your research in a growing software market.

6 Golden Principles To Be An Awesome QA –

Leonardo Steffencame up with a list of principles. Whenever something doesn’t feel right, he askshimself how hard is he trying to apply these principles to his day. They've helped him immensely, so try them yourself!

Testing Tool Showdown: liteCam HD vs. Mobizen – uTest

Clear, to-the-point bug reports that are backed up with solid evidence are a must for testers when it comes to communicating with developers and getting to the root cause of issues quickly. And that evidence comes in the form of attachments, which add to a bug report by offering proof of the bug’s existence, enabling the customer or developer to reproduce and quickly rectify the issue at hand. But with all of the options out there, we wanted to single out a couple of options that could get testers started, so we took to two popular screen recording tools from our uTest Tool Reviews in liteCam and Mobizen.

Making Unit Testing Mistakes as a Junior Developer – Software Testing Magazine

Writing unit tests is easy in theory but could be more difficult in practice. Usually experience helps in getting better at unit testing. In this blog post, Patroklos Papapetrou shares some of his experience in writing Java unit tests.

Continuous Integration and Mobile Application Testing: An Interview with Prathap Dendi –

In this interview, Prathap Dendi speaks about and why testers should be interested in continuous integration and continuous delivery, as well as why agile is such a natural fit for mobile development. Prathap also tackles the impact of cloud and mobile on international business.