The event the game Flappy Bird getting #1 position, the most downloaded, both on App Store and Google Play by chance happened during TET, Vietnamese Lunar New Year holiday, had made the holiday more cheerful and meaningful to Vietnamese people.

News about the game and its creator, Nguyen Ha Dong, a young game developer based in Hanoi, Vietnam has not only been spreading in international mass media but also dominating all kinds of domestic media , from newspaper, online news, TV, radio to social network.  The game has amassed over 16 millions tweets.

This event has gotten the Vietnam ICT industry recognized, and  talked about by the world.  For the first time, Vietnamese game players are so happy and proud of playing and getting insane by a game made by a Vietnamese. This confirms that Vietnam is not only a reliable destination for software outsourcing but can also be a software innovation center in a near future. With a large pool of talents supplied by 290 universities and colleges providing ICT training programs, 42,000 students graduated in different ICT majors, 173,000 studying in ICT related areas, and 55,000 ICT students enrolled to these institutions (2011 figures; source Vietnam ICT White Book 2012), Vietnam ICT has a bright future ahead.

It is really a pride and a tremendous encouragement to the Vietnam ICT community when its continuous effort has led to success and been recognized. It gives confidence that Vietnamese intelligence is completely qualified for this innovative industry where Vietnam has been and will be a key contributor.  

This is definitely a great start for Vietnam ICT for a new year. Thank you Dong Nguyen for making this incredible story! We wish Donggood health and much more innovation to create more interesting software products. We wish the Vietnam ICT industry a successful and prosperous new year.

By Van Nguyen

HR Manager, Program Manager

IMT Solutions