About Us

IMT's consultants and software development experts can participate at all levels in carrying out your eCommerce or mCommerce solutions. With over ten (10) years of experience in mobile and web application development, IMT is capable of providing assistance throughout the life-cycle of your eCommerce and mCommerce software development project and help you to reduce your time to market and enable you to take full advantage of mobile and web technologies.

We have worked with technologies leading companies to offer readily built eCommerce and mCommerce solutions which can be easily tailored to meet with you business needs. Our solutions are ranging from commercial to open source.

E-Commerce Software Development Outsourcing Services

The following list outlines the main services for your eCommerce solutions:

  • Consulting & eCommerce or mCommerce Strategy/Solution
  • Social CRM strategy
  • Configuration and integration services
  • Integration and configuration of existing eCommerce or mCommerece solutions
  • .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby On Rails, NodeJS and Python development
  • Testing services ranging from integration to performance and load test
  • Test automation to improve the quality and reliability of your eCommercial and mCommerce solutions
  • System supervision automation in order to ensure the system availability
  • System and Database back-up

Areas of Expertise

  • Store front-end: web, mobile, desktop
  • Product catalog
  • Inventory
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Payment
  • Order management
  • Logistic
  • Customer services
  • Integration with third-party products such as ERP...